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Trade Commissioner
  1 English or international trade professionals, familiar with the terminology and general international trade rules. Has a background in organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry preferred.
  2 love sales, warm and cheerful.
  3 has a strong English reading and writing skills, strong listening and speaking skills.
  4 with strong interpersonal skills, clear thinking, accurate expression.
  5 conscientious, meticulous, patient. There are hard-working quality and team spirit.
  6 familiar with computer operation and application.
  1 customer e-mail reply and telephone and visits.
  (2) timely and accurately with customers, suppliers within the company as well as the exchange of information and transfer.
  3. Market development and expansion.
  4 is responsible for collecting, collating, summarized market conditions, prices and other tourist information.
  5 international market transportation and related documentation production and management.
  6 costing and submit marketing proposals.
  7 other temporary work.

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